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New year, fresh eyes and a look behind the lens

Social Media • 2 min read • Feb 14, 2024 4:54:44 PM • Written by: Ben Stiff

Back in November last year I joined the foundation under a new role of Social Media Manager. It was mid October when I was sitting in a flat on a tiny Greek island that I had my video interview for the role and I remember thinking how proud my uncle would be if I got this job. The 1970’s was one of the proudest times of my uncles life when he was playing for the Warrington Wolves. Derek Noonan, heritage number 723 was more like a second dad to me, I have distinct memories of him talking about his time at the Wolves. So when I got the call to say the job was mine, I packed my bags, said my goodbyes and booked my plane ticket home to Warrington. 

I spent a few years as the sports photographer for Manchester Metropolitans Sport Institute, so I’m no stranger to the world of capturing rugby, arguably the best sport for action shots. 

Before starting here, I just spent 8 months in Greece working as the campaigns Media Officer for global marine conservation group Sea Shepherd. My day to day consisted of patrols around the Alonissos National Marine Park onboard a retired German coastguard vessel the M/V Emanuel Bronner. I was there to document any IUU (Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated) fishing we came across. Working closely with the Hellenic Coastguard, we were an effective deterrent to any fishing trawler thinking about breaching the boundary of the marine park and illegally fishing. Home to the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal, it was the honour of my life so far to put on the top marked “Sea Shepherd Crew”. 

Obviously working here in Warrington for the foundation is quite a stark difference to the beauty of Greece but the work is equally as important. Like most people, the work of the foundation was unknown to me just a few months ago. Even now after being here for a few months, I’m still discovering more projects that positively benefit our community. 

My goal? To turn Warringtons best kept secret into Warrington proudest establishment, The Warrington Wolves Community Foundation.

Reach the World. Giving Made Easy with Impact.

Ben Stiff