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Silver Patrons get the benefit of sponsoring a specific project directly funding initiatives that matter most to you or align with your values. Examples: In the Sheds project - tackling social isolation in care homes, Disability kit sponsorships, Event sponsorships.


Opportunities range from £1,000 to £15,000



Wheelchair Rugby League session for any ability - currently competing in the Championship West Division. Allowing those who have a physical disability to engage in rugby league - as well as able bodied players too! The most inclusive branch of rugby league- with no gender split either!

In the Sheds is our dementia care programme, bringing residents new opportunities to attend Warrington Wolves home games as well as, visits to care homes to take part in remembrance exercises.

RugBees is an activity designed to remove the barriers that females face when participating in traditional sports settings. We believe girls deserve a positive start point within sport and want them to develop a love and passion for physical activity that last a lifetime! All sessions are focused around four key components: Build Confidence, Make Friends, Keep Active and Learn new Skills. 


Inclusive visual arts programme for individuals with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities with numerous opportunities for performances, trips to art-based venues and more! The sessions include, art, music, dance and theatre.
Walking Rugby is a modified form of the traditional rugby game, tailored to accommodate individuals who may not be able to participate in the more intense version due to age, injuries, or physical limitations. Unlike its high-impact counterpart, Walking Rugby is played at a slower pace emphasising the social aspect of the game and making it accessible to a wider audience.

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Benefits of Donation:
  • Your business logo or individual name will be displayed on both the Silver Patron and your sponsored project pages on our website.
  • Personal invitations to your sponsored project.
  • An agreed promotion and media plan.
  • You will receive our Patron logo for your use and Certificate of Thanks for display. 
  • You will receive regular updates and invites to events and activities.