Rugby League - Children & Youth

Confidence, fitness & personal growth.

Rugby League participation that improves life opportunities for a whole community.
Primary School Y3 and Y4 Rugby League

Rugby League

School Sports Partnership

For primary school years 3 and 4

Primary School rugby league, delivered in all Schools in Warrington over a 6 week period ending in a Festival at a Community Rugby League Club.

Often the first introduction to Rugby League, this project allows children the opportunity to develop their rugby league skills and acts as a pathway to our community rugby league clubs. 

Community Rugby League in Warrington

rugby league

Club Development

For our 8 community clubs

Supporting our 8 local community Clubs to ensure they have the infrastructure, volunteers and finances to offer a quality experience to the young people of Warrington. 

Providing an environment, which is safe, appropriate and sustainable which can be accessed by our local communities to have a positive experience with physical activity.

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Womens Player Development Pathway Rugby League Warrington

Rugby League

Women's Player Development Pathway

For girls aged 11 - 16

An open access Player Development program for females aged 11 - 16, allowing the opportunity for young females to develop themselves as rugby league players and understand how a professional rugby league environment operates.

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Fire 7s School Rugby League Competition

Rugby League

Primary School Fire 7s

For primary school years 5 and 6

A pre-Super League match with an inter-schools competition, Year 5 and 6 compete aiming to improve the quality of rugby league playing opportunities in Warrington for Primary Schools. This provides a unique opportunity, that helps all involved fall in love with rugby league and the Warrington Wolves!

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RugBees Warrington Primary School Rugby League for girls

Rugby League


Girls aged 7 to 11

Historically, the only rugby league playing opportunity for Girls aged 7 - 11 was to join a predominately boy and male rugby league environment, which has often led to drop out of girls from the game.

Our RugBees is a girls-only rugby league session aimed at making new friends, learning new skills in a fun and flexible environment.


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Rugby League Holiday Camp Warrington

Rugby League

Holiday camps

Primary School Y1 to Y6 children

4 Days of sports delivered in School holidays, where we have often been able to provide food for children on free school meals.

Providing further opportunity for young people of Warrington to access quality physical activity sessions.

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