Warrington Wolves
Charitable Foundation

The case for change - Outcome 1



of people in Warrington live in health deprivation hotspots (vs. 19.8% average).

children live in poverty, which links to premature mortality and poor health.


of adults are overweight in the UK and Warrington has above average rating


of reception aged children in Warrington are obese, and 1 in 6 are obese by Year 6.

Improved Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Inspire communities

We will inspire our communities to adopt healthier lifestyles by providing sports and physical activity coaching, health education and resources to support change.

Create awareness

We will raise awareness and champion the need for mental fitness particularly for male supporters and young people in our communities.

We will address inequalities of participation in sport by providing sports and physical activity for females, disadvantaged groups and people with disabilities.

Educate on positive mental health

We will train our team and volunteers in positive health messages to deliver across our communities.

Connect stakeholders

We will work closely with our public, private and third sector organisations to enable collaborative and innovative approaches to community development.

How will we know it's working

Success Criteria

  • Increased self-esteem & confidence
  • Improved understanding of health issues
  • Improved physical & mental health
  • Increased physical activity

The case for change - Outcome 2



of people living in Warrington have no qualifications


in absolute poverty which significantly impacts occupational aspirations.


Youth (18-24) unemployment in the UK with Warrington higher than national average.

Education, Learning & Employability

Inspiring school assmblies

We will provide a range of engaging assemblies for our schools that inspire our young people to reach their full potential.

Lifelong Learning

We will offer a pathway to Lifelong Learning that will provide young people will skills and experiences to support moving into education or employment.

Provide career mentoring

We will support a career mentoring programme in our schools providing expertise, mentoring and learning opportunities with our Business Patrons and individual volunteers.

Support the vulnerable

We will support vulnerable adults in gaining positive and rewarding work placements.

Provide Game Changers

We will provide an engaging programme of volunteering through our Game Changers.

How will we know it's working

Success Criteria

  • Increased educational attainment
  • Improved attitude towards learning
  • Improved aspirations
  • Progression into education, training, employment.

The case for change - Outcome 3


Recorded crimes in Warrington (2017) - 83.7 crimes per 1,000 of the population.


times higher crime rate in the top 10% of deprived areas of Warrington.


of crimes committed in Warrington postcode are classified as Violent Crime.


Crime rate in Warrington vs. the national average.

Improved Cohesion & Inclusion

Connect across generations

We will provide an inter-generational project to engage a sense of belonging and loyalty to our town through the rich history of our founding fathers.

Connect key services with communities

We will offer opportunities in our local community to engage PCSOs and the Fire Service in safe sport and community activities in identified areas

Use the club to promote good

We will offer incentives through the Rugby Club to visit the stadium, watch the team and a variety of volunteering opportunities.

Support older generations

We will establish an active ageing programme that will use the stadium and other community facilities to reduce isolation and increase physical activity.

Provide Game Changers

We will provide an engaging programme of volunteering through our Game Changers.

How will we know it's working

Success Criteria

  • Increased social networks
  • Improved sense of belonging & community pride
  • Increase in membership
  • Reduction in anti-social behaviour