Young trustees

Young People at the Heart of Our Organisation

The Young Trustees are a group of 12-21 year olds who work as part of the Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation to support and lead their community projects and provide a youthful presence to the Foundation’s work. The Young Trustees all hold the qualities of strong leadership, teamwork and the enthusiasm to enhance the community of Warrington through sport.

We have a complimentary Young Trustee Board whose aim is to support our mission and give young people a voice. The Chair of the Young Trustees has a place on the main Board and reports back on recent or upcoming activities. As soon as Covid regulations permit, the Trustees plan to visit Kenya with the Memusi Foundation as part of a Peer Education Programme, taking Rugby League and a little piece of Warrington to a third world country.

Return from Kenya

Our Young Trustees are: Conor Austin, Abigail Titchard, Amelia Titchard, Adam Conway, Josh Bond, Caitlyn York, Sam York, Ella Bleasdale, Isaac Williams, Kaydi Jones, Shannon Sinclair, Rebecca Lydon, Keira Jackson, Emily Keatley, Mollie Parker

Apply today

We’re looking for new recruits to join our Young Trustees! If you’re aged 12-21 and are interested in volunteering throughout the community then we would love to hear from you and welcome applications throughout the year!