Honourable Trustees

Terry O’Neill

2005 -2019

Terry was fundamental in the formation of The Foundation. It was his vision that delivered the framework of the charity.

He remained Chair of The Foundation for 15 years until a sudden illness took him away from us. Terry’s leadership was not just with the Foundation; he was the Leader of the Council’s Labour Group and Warrington Borough Council for 9 years. His drive and experience in economic, environmental and social regeneration assisted in the development of the stadium.

Terry had a huge enthusiasm for community Rugby League. He was a long-standing member of the Management Board which led to him receiving the highly coveted Heart and Soul Award that sees his footprint placed in the South Stand of the Stadium.

God Bless Terry, The Foundation have a lot to thank you for.

Tony Coyne

A very experienced businessman who has held a number of positions in the industry including Chief Executive of a quoted public company. Currently a Director of Ensor Holdings PLC.

He is also a passionate supporter of Warrington Wolves since childhood. He is a regular-season ticket holder and member of the rugby club’s Vice Presidents.

Tony has been the backbone of developing and looking after the Foundation Finances. The Accounting has progressed with Tony’s Robust nature, we have seen the charity move from making our finances in a Red Book to the years ahead Cloud Accounting. He now passes the baton, leaving our finance group in a very good place.