Fit to Tackle

Mondays 6pm - 8pm

Fit to Tackle is a healthy living and weight loss programme that was carefully designed to appeal to men and women. Incorporating scientific approaches to weight loss, physical activity, diet and using the profile of the professional Rugby League Club, the 10-week initiative in collaboration with the local leisure trust, LiveWire, engages overweight and obese men to achieve their weight loss goals. Over 1500kg of weight has been lost in total with significant reductions in blood pressure alongside sustained positive changes in dietary behaviours and emotional well-being following the course. Moving forward a mixed gender pilot is planned alongside an innovative research project with the University of Chester to explore the mental health and social impact of the programme on military veterans who participate.

Monday 6-7pm @ The Halliwell Jones Stadium

Monday 7-8pm @ The Halliwell Jones Stadium (Extra Time)

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