Derek’s Volunteer Story

I was fortunate to be selected to become a Game Changer at the original influx of Game Changers. As I had recently  retired I had some spare time on my hands, I read that the Foundation was looking for volunteers (Game Changers)  with a number of specific roles, Photographer being one of the roles, as one of  my hobbies is photography I thought I could help the Foundation with that role. Little did I know how much. To date I have taken well over 15,000 photos, including, PDRL, Warrington Wolves Women, (all age groups) LDRL, Wheelchair RL, Schools Rugby tournaments at Victoria Park, Foundation Mile, Learning Disability, Warrington Man of Steel awards. Children’s University, plus the Foundation functions, to name a few, almost forgot, photos for Lee Westwood’s projects. (I had to buy a 5TB hard drive for those). 

But, I love every minute, and would not have it any other way.

When I started at the Foundation I was a little uneasy around those with learning disabilities, (that was pure ignorance on my part) not knowing how to act and communicate with them, But we were given training by the Foundation and now I have probably the best relationship with them, they are amongst the most fun loving and caring people I know.

The training I have received, in a number of subjects has also enhanced my private life.

The Foundation Staff are also very friendly and helpful, which goes a long way to making being a Game Changer a very rewarding position.

Along the Corridor on the Foundation floor are 40+ photos showing some of the activities I have photographed for the Foundation. Worth a look if you ever think about becoming a GC.

All in all, this has been a very rewarding way to start my retirement, and to continue for many years to come.
Derek York