Curious Minds

Trying to dance with oddly shaped balls….

Delivering a cultural programme within a sports organisation does come with its challenges but it’s also ensured that I have become an expert advocate for arts and culture!

Questions are raised as to “why does a sport organisation deliver arts?”

I am fortunate enough to have the support of an open minded Line Manager and Board of Trustees who see the value in our cultural programme.

The Warrington Wolves Charitable Foundation may not be the most obvious choice of organisation to deliver high quality arts and culture, but we do with great success!

The Foundation’s aim is to provide life changing opportunities that enrich, inspire & celebrate our community. By using the power of the Warrington Wolves badge and organisation’s brand, I have a unique advantage over other arts organisations, by reaching new audiences who may not otherwise engage within arts/culture.

CASE has enabled me to cement both my own, and my organisation’s stake highly within the cultural education ranks, and with my personal increased knowledge and confidence has now put us at the forefront of cultural education within the town.

Yes being an ‘artist’ within a sports charity does have its challenges, but it has forced me to become more creative in the way I engage with the community, thinking outside of the box to capture their sporting imagination!

I’m Leah and I’m proud to be a creative Wolf!

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