Coping at Christmas

Christmas is a tough time for many of us so we’ve created a few simple tips to help you over the festive season.

  1. Talk – It’s OK to not be OK-ask for support if you’re struggling to cope because you are not alone
  2. Connect – Reaching out to family or friends by sending a message or arranging to meet up for a coffee brings you closer to the people you care about
  3. Food is Mood – It can be difficult to eat well at this time of year but maintaining a balanced diet can help maintain energy levels and help boost your immune system
  4. Rest & Recover – Finding ways to relax throughout the day can help in getting a good night’s sleep which relieves stress and improves concentration
  5. Digital Detox – The more social media we use, the more we compare ourselves to the lives of others so consider a short break over the festive period
  6. Move – By moving the body more, (e.g. walking) the body releases chemicals which improve mood, reduce anxiety and help you think clearer